Satellite imagery access and analysis in Python & Jupyter notebooks

Access, preprocess, analyse and visualize satellite images in Jupyter notebooks with Python.                                                            SENTINEL-2 GLOBAL COVERAGE. Source The vast amount of satellite imagery collected every day across […]

Getting started with Geographic Data Science in Python

This is the first article of a three-part series of articles in Getting started Geographic Data Science with Python. You will learn about reading, manipulating and analysing Geographic data in Python. The articles in this series are designed to be sequential where the first article lays the foundation and the second one gets into intermediate […]

Predicting Crash fatalities with Machine Learning – A walkthrough in Python.

Road accidents constitute a major problem in our societies around the world. The World Health Organization(WHO) estimated that 1.25 million deaths were related to road traffic injuries in the year 2010. For the year 2016, the USA alone had recorded 37, 461 motor vehicle crash-related deaths, averaging around 102 people per day. In Europe, the […]